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What to consider when expanding business to Vietnam?

Vietnam, with its abundant source of affordable labor and a growing market of 100 million people, is one of the most attractive investment destinations for Taiwanese businesses. Its strategic geographic location and well-developed transportation and logistics systems make it the top choice for expanding into the Southeast Asian market.

However, for many Taiwanese businesses, Vietnam remains a relatively new and unfamiliar market. They may encounter challenges related to cultural and language differences, as Vietnam has its unique culture and language, leading to communication barriers and potential cultural conflicts for foreign companies. An entity familiar with Vietnamese culture and language can help you gain a comprehensive understanding of local needs and potential customers in the market.

The Southeast Asia Influence Alliance has strong local connections in Vietnam, reducing the time and effort your company needs to establish business relationships and networks in Vietnam. This allows for a swift expansion of your business and the creation of essential partnerships.

Our Services

Market research and analysis

Provide professional market research and analysis to help you gain insight into Vietnam market trends, consumer needs and competition to develop effective business strategies.

Partners Search

Assist in finding suitable local partners, including suppliers, distributors or cooperative enterprises, to expand your business network and influence in the Vietnamese market.

Add-value Business Target

We accompany with your company to identify suitable business opportunities and find target customers or partners with relevant needs or cooperation potential.

Market Business Research

Organize a field trip to Vietnam to gain an in-depth understanding of the local market environment, competitive landscape and potential partners, so as to formulate a more precise market entry strategy.

Service Highlights

High effective planning

Developing precise and effective business plans for the Vietnamese market. Customize your strategy based on local characteristics and opportunities to ensure you have a clear path to achieving your growth and business objectives.

Diversified resources

Enriched with large-scale partners and effective strategies in Vietnam, we develop strategies based on local characteristics and opportunities, ensuring you have a clear path to grow and achieve your business goals.

Industry experiences

With years of experience and relationships working in different industries, we have a deep understanding of how different industries work, challenges and opportunities to help your company achieve its goals.

Cross-culture team

Working with local businesses through extensive local knowledge, deep understanding of market trends, and relationship-building capabilities will uniquely position your company to achieve new levels of success in the Vietnamese market.

Successful Case

SIA led a delegation from the Vietnamese semiconductor industry to visit and explore the Hoa-Lac Hi-Tech Park

On the afternoon of September 26, 2023, the Vietnamese semiconductor delegation continued their visit and held a working meeting

SIA welcomes a delegation from the Management Board of Hai Phong Economic Zone in Taiwan

Continuing the meeting and working session of the Alliance in Hai Phong in September. On the evening of October 28, on the occasion of the Economic Zone Management Board

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