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Vietnamese workforce

Vietnam has an abundant labor force, primarily consisting of young and cost-effective workers. In recent years, with the increase in foreign investments in Vietnam, the demand for high-quality labor has also risen. In 2022, Vietnam’s labor force over 15 years old will reach 52 million people, with 11.39 million individuals possessing technical expertise (87%), and 11.39 million individuals having tertiary education, accounting for 20.92% of the total labor force, and this number is steadily increasing. In general, Vietnamese employees have a positive impression of Taiwanese companies, believing that these companies offer a friendly atmosphere, close relationships, and good benefits.

Additionally, as of the end of 2022, the total number of Vietnamese students in Taiwan has exceeded 20,000. For Taiwanese businesses looking to penetrate the Vietnamese market, this represents an important source for training future managerial personnel in Vietnam.

The Southeast-Asia Impact Alliance has a close relationship with Vietnamese students and the talent network in Vietnam and can assist businesses in finding the most capable Vietnamese talents.

Our services

Providing Taiwanese businesses with various talent search solutions to meet different needs: large-scale recruitment operations from multiple companies or individual company visits, ranging from under 10 people to over 100 people, students in the fields of business or technology, whether they aspire to stay in Taiwan or return to Vietnam; all options are available.

Recruit Vietnamese personnel in Taiwan

  • High-quality white-collar employees
  • Graduated from top universities in Taiwan
  • Good command of Chinese/English

Recruit local Vietnamese personnel

  • Proficient in both Chinese and English.
  • Understanding of the local market and work experience.
  • Educational or work background related to Taiwan.

Service highlights

Diversed Plan

Offering four free job posting platforms, along with premium packages for customized services tailored to the needs of businesses, including job fairs and company visit activities

Multinational Team

Our team from Vietnam is composed of professional and experienced individuals who are well-versed in the culture and needs of the workforce, expediting the recruitment process for businesses.

Extensive network

Our close collaboration with the Vietnamese Student Associations of leading universities in Taiwan such as NTU, NTHU, NYCU, NCCU, NTUST, and others, allows us to connect with the most outstanding students.

Varied Database

Having a large and high-quality Vietnamese talent database, encompassing potential candidates from various fields, enables your businesses to swiftly find the most suitable and effective candidates.

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